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Categorising the Skills

I am starting to get a better picture of how FE is meeting the employability challenge. Firstly it is clear that everyone has got the message that FE funding will be less next year and no-one will survive unless they are able to attract customers from local employers and that will mean meeting their training … Read more

The T-shaped Employability Skills

So much is happening in the FE world on this subject. As Public funding is getting tighter, the ability of colleges and others to demonstrate their economic value to the local economy grows. Employability (including self-employability) of students is the critical success factor. Beyond the qualification is the ‘line of sight’ to employment and that … Read more

My starting position

This is going to be my starting point. What employers want from employees is more than technical competence evidenced in a qualification. What these employability skills are is complicated by four challenges: 1. The sheer range of training, the levels of entry supported and employment opportunities supported by FE means that no one pattern has … Read more

Request for case studies and good practices

As part of our study, Geoff and I are seeking to establish HE/FE sector activities, good practices and case studies in the area of developing and communicating student employability skills enabled by technology. If you would like to share your practices, challenges and ideas, please contact either myself ( or Geoff  ( – Geoff is … Read more