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Interesting article on UCL’s approach to connected curriculum

The UniversitiesUK Efficiency Exchange has just published an article by Dr Dilly Fung of UCL on their approach to implementing connected curricula in a research-intensive institution and linked to real-world student projects – see Dr Dilly Fung: making connections at UCL The article also describes how they are involving students as partners in leading curriculum enhancement, through their UCL … Read more

Challenges in implementing “Connected Curricula”

The previous blog posting (23 September 2015) described our “connected curricula” theme, comprising three essential elements: T-Profile curricula (for a digital world) Employer engagement (including digital engagement) Assessment for learning (discipline and employability) We referred to this theme in two of our workshops at ALT-C 2015 entitled: “Connecting students, staff and employers together for shaping … Read more

“Connected Curricula”: Connecting students, staff and employers together for shaping the future of learning

We recently ran two workshops at ALT-C 2015 in Manchester, entitled: “Connecting students, staff and employers together for shaping the future of learning” and “Barriers and new participatory approaches for adopting e-portfolios in delivering employability benefits for students in FE and HE” …. which drew on our “Technology for employability” study as well as two … Read more

Developing a good Digital Reputation

This Study has looked mainly at how technology is used at the start of building a Digital Identity in supporting employability. An interesting strand of this work we have been looking at is how that Identity is maintained and developed over time to make, maintain and develop a Digital Reputation. It follows that where these … Read more

Three emerging themes: Theme 3 (of 3) – Insufficient engagement and partnership working with employers

This is the third of three blog postings about key themes emerging from early on in our study. Our third theme is: Insufficient engagement and partnership working with employers Key points: Core employability skills and attributes are typically being addressed, with variations… but they are continually evolving Unclear the degree to which employers (large and … Read more

Three emerging themes: Theme 1 (of 3) – Institutions are on various points of the continuum towards student employability “maturity”

We’re still early on in our study but we thought we would share some emerging themes as we would really appreciate feedback on them – we’re sharing these on three separate blog posts and you can provide comments at the bottom of each post. We are also sharing these ideas at a workshop on the … Read more

A Threshold moment

What is emerging in the field of Employability Skills in FE and adult skill is that nearly everyone I speak to in clearly understands the importance and necessity for fostering and showing the full range of Employability Skills and it is easily accepted as central to the purpose of FE. It is explained invariably as providing … Read more

Technology for the many to Technology for the one opens new possibilities in presenting Employability Skills

Having spoken to over 20 people with a different view of this topic I am finding plenty of commitment to Employability Skills and appreciation that technology has a role to play, but there is very limited understanding of how technology can be used to help the capture, marshal, summarise and present the results of all … Read more