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Three emerging themes: Theme 3 (of 3) – Insufficient engagement and partnership working with employers

This is the third of three blog postings about key themes emerging from early on in our study. Our third theme is: Insufficient engagement and partnership working with employers Key points: Core employability skills and attributes are typically being addressed, with variations… but they are continually evolving Unclear the degree to which employers (large and … Read more

Three emerging themes: Theme 1 (of 3) – Institutions are on various points of the continuum towards student employability “maturity”

We’re still early on in our study but we thought we would share some emerging themes as we would really appreciate feedback on them – we’re sharing these on three separate blog posts and you can provide comments at the bottom of each post. We are also sharing these ideas at a workshop on the … Read more

Request for case studies and good practices

As part of our study, Geoff and I are seeking to establish HE/FE sector activities, good practices and case studies in the area of developing and communicating student employability skills enabled by technology. If you would like to share your practices, challenges and ideas, please contact either myself ( or Geoff  ( – Geoff is … Read more