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About Geoff Rebbeck

A National Award winning FE and HE teacher and expert in e-learning, with an interest in VLEs, personal learning space and e-learning strategy. Undertaken research for FELTAG and currently working with the FELTAG Coalition Group. Published RAPTA (Review and Plan for Technology in Action) for LSIS. A tool to help evaluate the contribution of e-learning in post-compulsory providers. Please contact for more details for e-learning strategies, teacher training and FELTAG based activities.

Work readiness in FE

The great contribution of using technology in its broadest sense to learning is that it has passed the management of it to the person who wants to learn. In the world of work, the internet is the place of crowdsourcing knowledge and ideas, and we all ‘learn’, all of us, every day. The reason people … Read more

Employability attributes in FE

Higher education has really got to grips with the idea of every student acquiring a set of demonstrable personal attributes during their course of study. It goes to the idea of education developing and presenting the person and not just the skills. Greenwich University is a case in point who have 13 of them, split … Read more

Developing a good Digital Reputation

This Study has looked mainly at how technology is used at the start of building a Digital Identity in supporting employability. An interesting strand of this work we have been looking at is how that Identity is maintained and developed over time to make, maintain and develop a Digital Reputation. It follows that where these … Read more

A Threshold moment

What is emerging in the field of Employability Skills in FE and adult skill is that nearly everyone I speak to in clearly understands the importance and necessity for fostering and showing the full range of Employability Skills and it is easily accepted as central to the purpose of FE. It is explained invariably as providing … Read more

Technology for the many to Technology for the one opens new possibilities in presenting Employability Skills

Having spoken to over 20 people with a different view of this topic I am finding plenty of commitment to Employability Skills and appreciation that technology has a role to play, but there is very limited understanding of how technology can be used to help the capture, marshal, summarise and present the results of all … Read more

Categorising the Skills

I am starting to get a better picture of how FE is meeting the employability challenge. Firstly it is clear that everyone has got the message that FE funding will be less next year and no-one will survive unless they are able to attract customers from local employers and that will mean meeting their training … Read more

The T-shaped Employability Skills

So much is happening in the FE world on this subject. As Public funding is getting tighter, the ability of colleges and others to demonstrate their economic value to the local economy grows. Employability (including self-employability) of students is the critical success factor. Beyond the qualification is the ‘line of sight’ to employment and that … Read more

My starting position

This is going to be my starting point. What employers want from employees is more than technical competence evidenced in a qualification. What these employability skills are is complicated by four challenges: 1. The sheer range of training, the levels of entry supported and employment opportunities supported by FE means that no one pattern has … Read more