Linking digital capabilities to the seven dimensions of the “employable student”

In our recently published report “Technology for Employability“, we proposed a 7-dimensional model to describe the “employable student” covering:

  • Basic work readiness
  • Professional skills and knowledge
  • High level capabilities
  • Key student attributes
  • Authentic learning experiences
  • Lifelong employability in a digital world
  • Lifelong learning capabilities

We thought it would be useful to take this a stage further and map digital capabilities to these seven dimensions – not least because this will help employers to better understand digital skills within familiar employer concepts of what the employable student could look like. This mapping aligns with and builds on the Jisc “Digital Capability” work of Helen Beetham.

There are two Tables below – the first describes the 7-dimensional “employable student” model outlined in the report and the second describes the digital capabilities mapped to these seven dimensions. capabililities

digital capabilities

It would be good to receive feedback as to whether this mapping is a useful way of looking at student digital capabilities – please post comments in response to this blog post.

Peter Chatterton

(Ps you can click on the table images to view an enlarged image).

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