Technology for the many to Technology for the one opens new possibilities in presenting Employability Skills

Having spoken to over 20 people with a different view of this topic I am finding plenty of commitment to Employability Skills and appreciation that technology has a role to play, but there is very limited understanding of how technology can be used to help the capture, marshal, summarise and present the results of all these skills to clients and employers. The problem is harder when we try to see a way of presenting the new and emerging soft skills such as presentability and an enterprising character. The answer will lie in the use of personal learning space.

Anyone with personal smart phones and tablets now takes customising software around them for granted and this is how students will also be able to show their unique learning journey and individual traits by using this ‘technology for the one’. Students can use technology to show their individuality rather than using traditional methods of showing learning that featured commonality of learning around a qualification and a learning ‘right of passage’ shared by a class.

Perhaps the age of the Personal Learning Space, and not just the portfolio part of it, will become the new Moodle of our time?

1 thought on “Technology for the many to Technology for the one opens new possibilities in presenting Employability Skills

  1. Barbara Nicolls

    As we will all have experienced, unless users’ ( students/ potential employees) systems are compatible with those of the audience, there will be accessibility issues. Will this penalise the user for not considering the needs of the audience?


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