The T-shaped Employability Skills

So much is happening in the FE world on this subject. As Public funding is getting tighter, the ability of colleges and others to demonstrate their economic value to the local economy grows. Employability (including self-employability) of students is the critical success factor. Beyond the qualification is the ‘line of sight’ to employment and that is the goal.
The Gazelle Group are advocating what they call ‘T-shape’ students who are characterised by the depth of vocational knowledge required for safe working (the vertical bit), but also have the width of what might be called the softer skills, around presentability, organisational skills etc. It now also includes entrepreneurship which is perhaps best described as a way of thinking, that leads to productive work. From it comes collateral benefits such as independence and confidence.

They argue the curriculum must be changed to develop both the vertical and horizontal skills now needed to be held and (for the purposes of this Study) demonstrated.
This seems very different from the days when all students were asked to demonstrate how good they are as ‘Team Players’, and where the implication was to be able to contribute to something bigger than the sum of it’s parts.

Overarching all of this is how providers view the importance of both parts of the T shape and how and where technology can be used to capture, marshal and present these skills.

Further Education Reimagined – Gazelle Group et al

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