Case study: Working Together: Enhancing Employability through ePortfolio Based Authentic Assessment

Ian Deamer and Emma Purnell of Plymouth University have written a case study for our blog, entitled “Working Together: Enhancing Employability through ePortfolio Based Authentic Assessment”: Summary A second year module within the Faculty of Business at Plymouth University uses ePortfolios to support both individual and group assessments to enhance student’s employability skills. One of … Read more

Linking digital capabilities to the seven dimensions of the “employable student”

In our recently published report “Technology for Employability“, we proposed a 7-dimensional model to describe the “employable student” covering: Basic work readiness Professional skills and knowledge High level capabilities Key student attributes Authentic learning experiences Lifelong employability in a digital world Lifelong learning capabilities We thought it would be useful to take this a stage … Read more

Our workshop at DigiFest 2016 “Working in Partnership to develop students’ employability”

For those of you attending Jisc’s DigiFest 2016, we would like to invite you to come along to our workshop “Working in Partnership to develop students’ employability”. We’ll be exploring the twin themes of developing student employability and partnership working between students, staff and employers. James Kieft, Group Learning and Development manager at Activate Learning … Read more

Launch of the “Technology for Employability” report and Webinar

Report The “Technology for Employability” report has now been officially launched and can be downloaded from the Jisc study web-site As well as the full report, you can also download the following: Quick read version of the report – A document with just the HE case studies – A document with just … Read more

Work readiness in FE

The great contribution of using technology in its broadest sense to learning is that it has passed the management of it to the person who wants to learn. In the world of work, the internet is the place of crowdsourcing knowledge and ideas, and we all ‘learn’, all of us, every day. The reason people … Read more

Employability attributes in FE

Higher education has really got to grips with the idea of every student acquiring a set of demonstrable personal attributes during their course of study. It goes to the idea of education developing and presenting the person and not just the skills. Greenwich University is a case in point who have 13 of them, split … Read more